Does couples counseling really work? I am dubious about it.

Question and Answer: Does couples counseling really work? I am dubious about it.


Good question! And the answer is complicated and generalizations are very difficult make. First off, it’s better to go to couples counseling before things get too out of hand or one or both of you wants to leave. The earlier you have intervention the more successful counseling can be.

Second, if you go to couples counseling, you need to make changes in yourself and how you interact- patterns can be changed but it takes hard work and diligence, so be prepared to do homework and practice new behaviors! Couples counseling does not always work, there are no guarantees, and sometimes things need to come to an end, either because the relationship is too unhealthy, you grew apart, or the damage cannot be healed. Even in situations where the relationship ends, couples counseling can help you see your part in it, help keep things from getting too escalated, and make the separation go easier for both parties.

Research Update:

February 22, 2011, Chicago Tribune
Dad time can influence bullying : Kids who think their dads don’t spend enough time with them exhibit bullying behavior.

February 25, 2011, Medical News Today:

Low Self Esteem increases Prejudice: When people are feeling badly about themselves, they’re more likely to show bias against people who are different.

Feeling Stressed? Blame your raise.; February 22, 2011, The Wall Street Journal:

Individuals who make more money tend to feel more time pressure.

Blog Excerpt: From Lost In Relativity

A note on insecurities – When we are in a relationship, I do think the other can help with our insecurities and I will work with the couple on that, but ultimately, if one of the couple feels chronically insecure, it’s really their issue that they need to heal. Healing from insecurity is so freeing- it’s a journey worth taking.

Clinic news: Kettle Moraine Counseling welcomes new therapist William Driscoll!

He has been working in the private and public sectors for over 20 years; he sees adolescents, adults, couples and families. His profile and picture are on our website. We are excited to have him part of our team. Deb Graf is busy working with families on attachment therapy and Angela Waldoch will be assisting her; please see website for article Deb wrote explaining attachment therapy. Tricia Schutz recently attended some training on infant and toddler mental health – two under served populations. Layne Sampson is now a yoga teacher! The clinic has a new billing person, Dorothy Lehman, her phone number is 262.388.9425 or Enjoy the warmer weather that I know is coming our way!

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