mission statement.

Providing a healing environment for clients and staff; building resilience to grow as individuals, families, and a community.


  • Tips for Teens

    I have teens, so I understand how easily what seems like an innocent question/inquiry turns into your teen stomping off to their room and refusing to speak! So here are some tips I have that can help reduce the chances of a defensive

  • Bringing Light to Rage

    Recognizing and honoring our rage is an important part of our journey to wholeness. Although abiding with our rage and deep hurt is never easy, the rewards are great. By not working through our rage, it can wreak havoc in our lives.

  • Reducing Defensiveness

    One of the best communication skills for couples that I have come across is a way to reduce defensiveness in our relationship. This is difficult to do, but greatly increases the closeness and understanding with your significant

  • Introversion & Extroversion

    Mary loves going to parties and interacting with a lot of different people gives her energy. When she is alone too much she may start to become tired and depressed. Parties tend to be a chore for Susan. She prefers to talk with one