I feel “keyed up,” can’t relax & worry constantly about everything

Question and Answer: Anxiety Disorder

Q: I feel “keyed up”, can’t relax and worry constantly, about everything. I’m exhausted from worrying! Please help.

A: You don’t need to suffer with this alone. It’s possible that you have an anxiety disorder. In any given year, 18% of the adult population has an anxiety disorder, which includes generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. There are many things that can help relieve your symptoms: exercise, stress reduction, guided imagery, deep breathing, journaling, changing your thoughts, talk therapy and medications. Changing how we think will help change how we feel! But we have to work at it and be consistent. If you don’t find relief on your own, seeking out a therapist can help.

Research update:

Workers antsy as morale plunges
March 28, 2011, USA TODAY
Employee loyalty is at a three-year low, but many employers are precariously unaware of the morale meltdown, according to a study out today.

Stress may alter gut bacteria to hinder immune system
March 25, 2011, U.S. News & World Report
By changing bacteria levels in gut, stress may cause changes in physiological function, study finds.

Can prayer control anger?
March 23, 2011, MSNBC
Praying may help ease anger, lower aggression and lessen the impact of provocation, new research suggests.

Blog Excerpt: Being Alone

I do know people who are afraid of being alone. Sometimes it is just that they are not used to it, and think it will be awful, and other times, it’s that they are afraid, of what, they don’t know, but for some it is because they feel they need the constant validation of another and if they are alone it means no one is thinking of them or caring about them. That almost sounds like attachment issue- where you can’t sustain the emotional attachment feelings if the other is not with you. Remember your love and connections are sustained even if you are apart! Tell yourself if you are afraid to be alone; It is safe for me to be alone. Practicing being alone is helpful. Do some planned activities with yourself (reading, drawing, walking, writing, dancing, etc) , and my guess is that you will find that you do like your own company!

From the Director:

Our newest therapist, Bill Driscoll LCSW is up and running and doing great! If you would like an appointment with him, please call or email the clinic. Many people utilize their insurance benefits for counseling, but the insurance maze can be difficult to maneuver, even for me who has been in the field over 10 years. The good news about insurance is that most insurances have to provide “mental health parity”, which basically means that if medically necessary, insurance companies cannot limit sessions, and they must cover mental health issues at the same level as they cover physical concerns. Our clinic will check your benefits before your initial session if requested. We believe everyone should have access to care and it shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish!
Devona Marshall