May 2012 Newsletter – Summer Fun!

Just got back from visiting my son in NYC. Great trip, but tiring. NYC is a wonderful city, but also overwhelming, especially if you are introverted! My oldest child has created a nice life for himself and I am proud of him. Our clinic will have a new therapist joining us next month; her name is Jennifer Skinner and she will see children/adults. More information on her will be sent next month. Christina Lachner is up and running and seeing many clients. She is doing a fantastic job and even wrote something for our newsletter this month. As Mothers Day approaches, I always think about and miss my own mother who died in 2004. If you are blessed with still having a mother alive, be grateful and let her know how much you love her! I hope all is well with you and yours!

Best, Devona L Marshall Clinic Director

It’s May 2012! Happy Mother’s Day!
I realize that many of our Parents/Guardians are starting to plan the summer routine for their children.
Yes, it is just around the corner and it is sometimes hard to find activities at times to keep our children
occupied all summer long.

Here are a few helpful suggestions.

    • The City of West Bend Parks and Recreation Department -2012 Activities
    • West Bend Community Memorial Library located at 630 Poplar St., West Bend, 53095 phone: (262) 335-5151
    • Read with Rover-Children that can read for 15 minutes can read to a therapy dog for a one-on-one
    • Summer Reading Program 2012-registration is on June 11th –June 15th at 9am.
    • Story time- Tues. &Wed. at 10am, & on Thurs. evenings

at 6:30pm.

  • Teen Book Club- contact Kristin via email if you are interested in getting
    your child involved in this club.

I hope these suggestions are useful tools in getting your child/children’s summer schedule started. I enjoy
having your children in my office. For those of you considering a therapist, I am open to any questions you
may have; please feel free to call or email me.

Sincerely, Christina Lachner, TLPC Kettle Moraine Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor 125 N. 6th Ave. West Bend, WI 53095 262.334.4340

Resarch Update:

Live in present, anticipate the future to increase happiness April 27, 2012, Psych Central Study suggests that individuals who live in the present, look warmly at the past, and anticipate the future are probably

Fast food linked to depression April 1, 2012, Psych Central Study reveals that consumers of fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than minimal or non-consumers.

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When we feel insecure or not loved we tend to blame our significant other for it- in an angry accusing way.
“You did this” “You didn’t do this” “You made me feel angry”, etc. We make the other person wrong. Our anger
keeps distance in the relationship and it really isn’t the real issue! You need to keep your anger in check
when you communicate your feelings. How you say it is very important! For example… You are out with your
significant other and they talk to another person and you feel threatened, so you accuse them of flirting
and disrespecting you and it turns into a huge argument! Sometimes that may be the case where someone is
deliberately disrespectful, but usually these actions are unintentional and not meant to hurt you