Group Therapy at Kettle Moraine Counseling

Group Therapy is an important therapy we offer because some goals are better achieved in a group setting than a one-on-one setting.

Group therapy is a kind of counseling where one or more counselors work with a group of people at the same time.  There are some benefits to group therapy therefore group therapy may by a type of counseling you should consider.  Like all our treatment options, be sure to talk to one of our professionals first to determine which option is best for your needs.

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Common benefits of Group Therapy include:

  • You can receive support and encouragement from group members, not just your counselor.
  • You know the members are going through or have gone through similar experiences.  You feel like people are “in the same boat” as you and therefore they can relate to what you are going through.
  • Members of the group can offer helpful input regarding your need and you can potentially have helpful input for someone else’s need.
  • You can work on social skills better in the social environment available in a group setting.
  • Since the group is talking about a common problem, it is easier to feel like you can tackle the problem together without feeling like you are the problem. The session is not about you and the problem does not define you, but you and the other members of the group can grow and become something more than you are today.
  • Group therapy is usually more affordable than one-on-one treatment plans.

The common theme in the benefits is that other people with a similar concern as yours help you in your need just as you can help them in their need.  You have more people coming together to help you out.

Will I Feel Safe in My Group?

Our counselors are trained to ensure you feel safe during group therapy sessions.  Counselors work to ensure what is shared during the group counseling sessions is not shared outside of the sessions.  You can feel comfortable and safe as we work toward the common goal of positive growth toward a healthier you.

Is Group Therapy Effective?

Group therapy is very successful in many situations, like depression, trauma, and other shared struggles or experiences.  Just think of the proverbial AA meetings, which are similar to group therapy sessions in that the members of the group support and advise other members of the group.  AA has been helpful to many recovering alcoholics for decades.

With the added benefit of a professional counselor to guide the discussion during a therapy session, a counselor whom can provide additional information or teach new life skills, group therapy helps many, many people each year.

When Should I NOT Choose Group Therapy

Group therapy should not be used when your counselor recommends against it.  There are some concerns that are better explored one-on-one.  There are also times when group therapy will have a better affect after a foundation is laid outside of a group situation.

How Does Group Therapy Work?

Normally Group Therapy uses groups of three to twelve people with one or more counselors.  It is possible to have more people in a session, but generally twelve is the maximum number of people to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.  Typically, groups meet once a week for about an hour, but groups can meet more often for longer periods depending upon the need of the group.

The group participants will normally sit facing one-another and you will follow a planned agenda created by the counselor. The agenda will often include a recap of what happened at the last meeting, a discussion of how the members did over the last week, and a discussion exploring how to make additional improvements in your life.

Is Group Therapy a Good Fit for You?

To find out if group therapy is right for you, give us a call and ask for more information.  When you are ready, one of our counselors will work with you to ensure it is the right option for you.

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