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Counseling Works!

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“I want to help you to feel better and experience more emotionally fulfilling relationships!” 


Life can feel overwhelming.  Relationships can falter.  Worry and fears can interfere with our lives and sleep.  Fatigue, crying, emptiness and sadness can make it hard to get up each day.   Is anger interfering with your relationships, work or how you feel about yourself?  Counseling can help you to feel less anxious, have more fulfilling relationships, feel better about yourself and life, AND get a handle on that anger! 


We all have strengths inside of us, and counseling allows us to use those strengths to help with the areas in our lives that are not going so well.


Devona has the clinical experience and the interpersonal skills to help you overcome the roadblocks that are preventing you from living the life you want.  Her warm, compassionate, accepting personality allows people to experience healing and wellness.  Devona is especially skilled/trained in working with men who have anger issues.


Devona’s areas of interest and specialties working with adolescents, adults, couples and families on:





Family, couples and parenting

Sexual issues

Life adjustment, Self esteem


Devona has a Masters degree in counseling from UW-Milwaukee; she is licensed as a professional counselor, and has been practicing for 10 years in public and private settings. She is trained in many modalities including: cognitive behavioral, internal family systems, Jungian, solution focused, trauma informed and others. Devona welcomes a phone or in person interview to see if she is the “right fit” for your needs.  You may also email Devona with your problem/concern and she will respond on whether she can help with it, or refer you to someone that can help. 


Counseling Works!