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Deb is a Licensed Professional Counselor who loves to help people feel better about themselves, relationships and life. Unfortunately, we are often burdened with trauma, loss, challenges and pain that make life difficult and emotionally draining. With proper support, insight, encouragement, and healthy boundaries, we can grow and learn from these challenges to find more satisfaction with our relationships and living experiences.

Deb offers expertise in providing the safety, insight and support needed for healing and growth (after all, itís takes healthy relationships to overcome the damages of unhealthy relationships). Sheís had 5 years of experience counseling children (ages 3 on up), teens, and adults. This follows her 20 years of teaching children. Her down to earth and compassionate personality provides a comfortable atmosphere for clients to share their struggles. Debís areas of specialties include play therapy, anxiety, depression, self esteem, trauma, parenting challenges, couples counseling, attachment therapy, and EMDR. For those who desire Christian counseling, Deb has years of experience incorporating spirituality with psychology, to better enhance treatment results.