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Sometimes talking is simply not enough.  Sometimes things are just too difficult to express with words alone.  Art and imagery is a universal language that can help express feelings, emotions, and stories when words fail us.


Angela is an experienced art therapist and holds a Masters in Art Therapy with an emphasis in Counseling from Mount Mary College.  She has worked with diverse individuals across the lifespan.  Her areas of interest and specialties range from:


            Children /Adolescent behavioral and emotional issues




            Bereavement / Grief / Loss



Angela’s approaches are grounded in her beliefs on life, love, and growth.  Everyone has their own life story, complete with interpretations and unique personal experiences.  She wants to provide the space where her clients are able to share their story and make their own narrative.  Angela uses strength-based approaches alongside art making and other expressive treatments when necessary, to help her clients experience their feelings in the present, tell their story, and help make informed decisions about moving forward. We cannot control what has happened to us, but we can make informed choices that better who we are, and where we would like to go.  She would like to help you along the way.



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